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10% Returns on Ready to Build Land @ Koyembedu 15-18 months to project completion & returns – joint venture IRR 10 % per month Min. Investment ₹ 10L Area 1090 Sq.ft Studio Apartments @ Siruseri Furnished & Managed Studio Apartments for just ₹19L. 15-18 months to project completion & returns – joint venture IRR 10 % per month Min. Investment…

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Passive Income is Self Care

The more you workout, the better you’ll feel and the better you’ll look. The more you invest, the better you’ll feel and the more freedom you’ll have! ✈️ Invest in Bulls India & beat market ups and downs. Get fixed passive income 4 INVESTMENTS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

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The Silent killer of your money – Inflation

The remedy for protecting your investments and savings accounts from inflation is fairly straightforward and involves following some simple math. If you earn 2% on a bank CD and inflation is running at 2%, you have essentially broken even. You would not have earned or lost any money. However, there are taxes due on the 2% in earnings which results in a net…

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Good Investments is boring

Good Investing is boring.Bad Investing is exciting and fun.You can be bored successful investor or a thrill-seeking gambler. If Investing is entertaining,If you’re having fun, you’re probably not making any money.Good investing is boring.

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Investing on Cars

I firmly believe that a car Investment is the dumbest type of Investment/loan you could ever take on.If you simply look at the math, you are borrowing money and paying interest on something that is going down in the value.To be clear, that means you’re paying more for something.Thats worth less the instant you drive it off the lot.And you…

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Much better than the market SIPS

SIP is usually considered a good method if you have long term investment goals. You invest small small amounts on a regular basis either weekly,fortnightly or monthly as per your convenience. The concept of Systematic Investment plan (SIP) has been gaining a lot of popularity amongst Indian investors since last few years. It is an excellent way to create a…

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